My Bio

My name is Shannon Barrett, and I am the founder and Principal at Bullet Consulting. I formed this company as well as the Accelerated Transformation Consultants Network because I have a true passion for helping people transform their process and companies. I have found that there are far too many consultants and practitioners out there that focus on the tools of improvement without regard to the systems and behaviors needed for long-term sustainable results. It is my intention to offer an alternative option.

I have been in the business of improving processes for over three decades. I have been an Operational Leader, Improvement Leader, Consultant, and an Engineer, for a host of national and international companies. This experience has given me the opportunity to see first hand what works, and what fails. Before going out on my own, I was a member of a Global Lean Six Sigma leadership team at a fortune one hundred company, supporting 103 sites across 23 countries.

During my career I have had the opportunity to work alongside of some fantastic people and drive trans-formative results. Here are a couple of highlights:

  • Led a series of projects within the Department of Defense that consolidated back office functions, combined warehouses, and maximized shared services. Realizing a savings of in excess of two million annually.
  • Developed and implemented a lean operational strategy at a general services contractor that resulted in an increase in direct profit by 2.2%, decreased direct expenses by 2.4%, and reduced overhead expenses by 13.1%.
  • Led a turn-around team at a wood products manufacturing facility that reduced overall process lead-time by 61%, while concurrently right sizing the organizations operational footprint and headcount.
  • Led a continuous improvement team in a textile manufacturing operation that successfully reduced order lead-time by 22%, reduced process waste by 68%, and decreased man-hours required to process an order by 36%.
  • Drove a Value Stream Transformation at an Injection Molding operation that decreased overall lead-time by 43%, allowing for a 16% increase in OI. This transformation occurred in less than 6 months and engaged over 80% of the workforce.

I have trained and coached hundreds of Practitioners, Black Belts and Green Belts Facilitated over 100 Kaizen Events. And been considered a trusted advisor to many business and military leaders.

I am a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, “Lean” Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and Lean Master Trainer. I have a Bachelors of Administration in Quality Management.

It is my belief that the most important thing a Continuous Improvement Leader can do is develop the problem solving and leadership skills of our young practitioners. Therefore I volunteer time as a guest lecturer, sit on a university industrial advisory committee, and provide mentoring to students in the topics of Leadership and Continuous Improvement.