Principle based Transformation

History is full of examples where organizations have pursued initiatives such as Lean & Six Sigma in an effort to change their culture only to find a handful of short-term cost savings and the culture unchanged. In fact when setting out to implement such a program, the odds are stacked against you. 70 to 90% of these types of implementations fail to engage the culture at a meaningful level.

In the past few decades, myself and my affiliates have developed a principle based transformation model that engages all employees while concurrently delivering rapid and sustainable results. The approach has a number of significant advantages that include:

  • Clear communication & alignment to the organizational strategy.
  • A mechanism to develop solid tactical plans that achieve organizational objectives, accompanied by a visual management system that provides real-time feedback on the progress to the plan.
  • A training structure that enables learning on-demand and creates an environment where employees learn-by-doing.
  • A salable model, can be used at a Corporate, Site, Department, or Value Stream level.

The approach is known as Accelerated Transformation™. The accelerated model works by assuring that transformation is pursued by a set of principles, rather than by a collection of tools.

These principles are the DNA of a transformation.

Not every successful transformation will require the same tools, but they will all require the same set of principles.