Welcome to Bullet Consulting

Bullet Consulting LLC is an independent, owner-managed consulting firm in business to help business excel at meeting the challenges of today. In a world that is changing at an exponential rate, it has become increasingly more important for organizations to be able to deliver more value without adding additional resources, and to be flexible enough to respond to market disruptions with speed and accuracy. Organizations no longer have the luxury of high levels of inventory and long lead times. In today’s market customers want products and services with high levels of customization, rapid delivery, and at the lowest cost possible. Businesses that can deliver to those expectation will thrive in our fast paced new world.

Over the pat three decades, I have helped organizations improve the performance of their processes both as an Operational Leader & a Master Black Belt.┬á My focus and passion is helping businesses discover how to go from “Continuous Improvement” to “Continuous Transformation”. I help organizations build high-performance teams that realize that problem solving, waste elimination, and creating velocity is everyone’s responsibility.

Regardless of the size & nature of your business, or how much support you are seeking, I can help. I deploy my services in two ways depending on the size and scope of the client needs.

When an organization finds themselves in need of Process Improvement support, and does not wish to add additional headcount, I can be retained as an independent consultant for a day, a week, or several months. As an independent, I provide Lean Six Sigma training and coaching, staff augmentation, workshop facilitation, and project management services.

When organizations are needing a broader range of services, such as multi-site transformation, international support, or driving culture change across a large enterprise, I leverage a wide network of seasoned consultants. As a founding member of Accelerated Transformation Consultants®, I can provide full service Business Transformation services including Transformation Maturity Assessments, Strategy Deployment, Accelerated Transformation, Lean Six Sigma Training, on-site coaching and much more. ATC provides global Consulting support to drive transformation using our Value Stream Transformation model. Using this approach we show your organization how to enable a culture of continuous transformation.